Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fun at the Cabin!

We had such a great time this past Saturday evening with our Sunday School class.  The Sears' family invited us all over for a hayride, petting animals, eating, painting pumpkins, riding the zipline, bobbing for apples, a bonfire...etc. etc. etc....it was AWESOME!!!  A little stressful with James, but mainly lots of fun.  And only stressful, mostly, because we didn't bring James' chair he eats in, and we tried to sit him in a regular folding chair and it was just kind of nightmarish...and then that stress caused Lan and me to not get along well...you know...the downward spiral just happens.  :)  But, we recovered nicely, and fairly quickly, and still had a great time.  The preparation the Sears' went to was unreal!  Their family cabin was beautiful.  I sure do love our Sun. School class at Bethabra.  I am very, very thankful for all the couples God has brought - those ladies are some of my dearest friends.....see pictures...

The pumpkin James (Landon) decorated...
The beginning of James' meal when things were actually going well
playing on the hayride after dinner...you can see it had been a battle because I didn't even try to wipe his face
Lan and I both rode the little zipline - it was little...but still scary to me.  This is me faking like I'm really excited about doing it before I did it...
Landon and James by the bonfire
James and Finn playing at the end of the night...right before going home with a bunch of cars Ms. Elizabeth found for them to play with

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