Sunday, October 9, 2011

Uh, Was it the Weekend?

Whew!  It has been a REALLY busy weekend.  Landon did his first official Bethabra wedding on Saturday.  He had rehearsal Friday night, and then the wedding on Saturday.  It was a precious wedding - just beautiful - and we were so grateful they asked Landon to be a part of it.  But, we were tired!  And not nearly as tired as everyone who volunteered countless hours of their time helping with all the wedding decor and details! :)  Landon dvr'd the Gator game since it started at 3:30pm here.  We watched it when we got home...and it was a sad ending.  But, a very cute little boy dressed in his gator clothes earlier in the day :)  Oh, and he never stops moving this is basically the best I can get.

 This is just random from the other night.  These are some jammies Grandaddy and Nanna bought for James.  It was our first "alittlecold" night so I wanted him to wear them.  He's in 18 month clothes now and these are 24 months, and I couldn't believe how big they were!  Yikes - they were falling down the whole time.  Cracked me up.  It will be a few months before he can wear the pants - since he's so skinny, mainly.
 My latest homemaking project....
It even cracks me up to write "homemaking"- I'm like not a homemaker.  I don't like to scrapbook.  I don't like to stay at home for long periods of time.  I'm not crafty.  Yet, sometimes now that I am a mom, I must do things.  This was something I had to do.  We've had the fence up around our fireplace - but James figure out how to pull it back and get behind it.  Several times (more than several) he would watch me very intently and then get back there and just be standing back there on the fireplace hearth and he was so proud.  I knew the fence was basically over and we needed to move to something else.  I didn't want to get those dumb fireplace corners.  Especially since our fireplace is stacked stone, I didn't think it would go around the hearth right.   So then, I was at a friend's house, and I saw something she'd done and it gave me an idea.  I went to Wal-Mart with the intent to spend as little money as possible - but I had to get good return from whatever I did spend - SAFETY.  I bought a full size egg carton foam mattress thingy.  Then I bought a black curtain that was marked to like $9.99.  I knew the measurements I needed.  I cut the mattress in half and then sewed by hand the black curtain over the mattress and tried to like fold up and round the corners.  I think it is EXCELLENT.  I actually think maybe I could like make these and sell them on ebay or craigs list or etsy or something uh, not really.  If you lifted up the fabric and turned it upside down and saw how disgusting it looks from my, you wouldn't want me to make one for you.  But listen, I really think this is going to serve our purpose.  And do you know how many times James has climbed up there?  Two times.  Two times in about two weeks now.  I'd say that's success.  He just acts like there was never a fence there and it's no big deal.  For now...success.

Today has been a typical Sunday.  Landon did a great job on the sermon this morning - he talked out of Ecclesiastes about time - how you don't know how much time you have in your life before it's over - we aren't promised tomorrow.  And he played this clock ticking throughout the entire message and then at the end he just stopped the clock.  When I went to get james after church they told me he had been sleeping for about 30 minutes.  I firmly believe they just need to survive in the nursery during church - so whatever they need to do is okay with me...but man, I knew that might mess up his nap.  We went to lunch where he was really well behaved since he'd just slept and he ate the mess out of some chicken from my nachos.  When I got him home, I thought he was actually going to take a nap, but then that didn't work out.  He started out just talking to himself, so I thought, oh well, he'll talk and fuss and go to sleep.  Then he started screaming like he was hurt.  So, I had to go in.  His knee was stuck in the crib slats.  Again.  It hasn't happened in a whil, but is just unfortunate.  I finally had to call Landon in there because I didn't think I could get it out.  I took him in the bed with  me and he was sleepy there...but then he started sticking his finger up my nose and poking out my closed eye so finally I was like...forget it dude.  you can just stay up.  Oh, and I had to be back at church at 3:30 today for this budget meeting. Right before we were supposed to leave (and Landon had already left), I fell asleep with James by myself for like 5 minutes.  When I woke up it was time to go and I could hear the toilet.  I know that is extremely dangerous and we have had very few toilet incidents.  I feel like we try to be really careful, but sometimes it just happens :(  Landon accidentally left the bathroom door open when he left to go to the church before us.  James had unrolled a BUNCH of the toilet paper and put it in the toilet and all over the floor.  I just walked in and said, oh my.  we have to go to church now.  let's take off your shirt.  and then I just shut the door behind us. :)  When Kelli and I left our babies to walk across the street for awana, they were both screaming their heads off....yikes for dr. gary and mrs. liz keeping them tonight.  they deserved a medal.  i told them when i picked up james that they should go home and go straight to bed :)  so, we are pretty much exhausted. 
We did have a GREAT time with Malissa and Winfield Friday night.  I just wish they could have stayed longer.  OKAY.  I realize this is a long and boring post...but...tis my life. Looking forward to the weekend starting tomorrow (Monday)....the life of a pastor family...

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