Friday, October 21, 2011

Fenomenal Family Friday: The Wakeman Family

It's hard for me to even begin talking about this family because I love them so much... I don't know what to say first...and it's difficult for me to even type words without wanting to cry because they have been so good to us.  I think the people on the search committee who brought Landon to Bethabra will always be extremely special in our hearts.  And since Jason was on the committee, he was one of the very first people we met when we starting talking with Bethabra.  This is the Wakeman family - Jason, Jeanette, and Finn.  Are they cute or WHAT?  :)  This was a picture we took a few weeks ago when we went to the Pumpkin Patch with them. 

It was Jason that we began to get to know first.  He was kind of quiet, and it was really obvious he had a very sincere heart.  He was a good listener, and so clearly loved the people at his church, and so clearly wanted God's will for Bethabra.  The whole search committee was so welcoming to us, but I'll never forget meeting them all at Neal's that first night.  The way they hugged us and walked us out when we left - I just will never forget it.  People talk about first churches being a nightmare sometimes...but that has not been our experience.  Sure, they have been some significant challenges - even now, there are some significant challenges, but on the whole, we have LOVED it.  That search committee was an indication of the peoples' hearts at Bethabra.  But...I digress...

We spent the night with Jason and Jeanette and Finn really early on because Landon started at the church before we'd actually moved over here.  Each weekend, the search committee would take turns keeping us at their houses.  I will never forget our time at Jason and Jeanette's.  Jeanette is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever known.  Everything was perfect, and we felt so welcome in their home.  We had great food, loved talking with them, and our room she had prepared for us was unbelievable!  She had a special basket for us with our names on candies in a basket, our towels rolled up in it, just everything you could possibly need. 

I guess Finn, their little boy, was about 1 and a few months when we first met them.  He is a DOLL, and especially now, having a boy, we are grateful that James has Finn to look up to!  The Wakeman's have challenged me to be a bigger giver.  They are always generous to others when as I watch needs happen around our church and watch them give.  They've personally been extremely generous to us.  Jeanette has passed on (I believe) every piece of clothing Finn has ever worn and every toy Finn has grown out of to us.  We didn't have a buy a high chair, or a jumper thing, or a swing...and many many more things...all because of their generosity.  I say they are like the public library.  I check out their items and then return them :)  I am challenged by the way they sacrificially give of themselves to others. 

Jeanette has also introduced me to the consignment sale world.  I've learned that kids grow out of clothes REALLY FAST.  She is very smart when it comes to looking for bargains - I've appreciated learning from her and loved standing in line and Kelli and Jeanette a few months ago to go to the Gwinnett Fairground BIG consignment sale...Oh, another thing Jeanette does.  At church, she is a preschool coordinator and helps make it WONDERFUL for James in the nursery.  She helps keep things organized - a cleaning schedule, supplies, workers...many, many details that are vital to not only me with a baby,  but to guests who come to our church and have children. 

Can you tell I love this family?  It seems no matter what I think of to do for them, they are a step ahead already doing something else for us.   I worry about them taking on too much and getting burned out sometimes since they are such givers.  They are authentic, real friends.  The kind of friends you pray about having and can count on one hand at the end of your life.  That's just the truth.  This family is precious to us...precious to our church...and I LOVE them so much!!!  Can you tell???

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