Monday, October 24, 2011

Reading the Bible & Elmo Backpacks...

James is really funny about our Bibles...but especially about Landon's.  He can say the word Bible (clearly enough that you can understand it, anyway), and when he sees a Bible, he'll just keep calling it out over and over and over again (also similar to when he sees a picture of or a fake deer and how he calls out "deer" a million times).  He is really sweet about Bibles though.  The other night Landon was showing James his Bible since James grabbed it off the chair and wanted to look at it - very sweet.

This is dumb, but I really wanted James to have an Elmo backpack.  I got this Sesame St. thing in the mail where you could join their club and pay a low amount of money and get the first big package in the mail (and then you have to remember to cancel it if you don't want to continue to get shipments).  The first big package includes the Elmo backpack.  I was in, People - seriously, I wanted the baby to have an Elmo backpack.  And look, wasn't it worth it?????  DUH.  Yes.

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