Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Trip Home

For the first time...ever...I went home alone (well, with James but without Landon) a couple weeks ago.  I had really been missing my family, and Landon's mom and dad had just come up to see us, so I had been trying to figure out for a while how I could go home for a few days.  At first we tried to figure out how Landon could come down and meet us and drive back together, etc., but it just wouldn't work out.  So...I ended up driving the 6 hour trip with James by myself - by my own choice, of course.  :)  It was a decent trip on the way to Florida, although, I must say, when I got south of Montgomery and was just praying the Georgianna exit would come soon...and all of a sudden the traffic came to a complete stop...oh my word - I thought I might lose it.  James was pretty good though, and it was so worth it.  We had a great time.  We got to spend LOTS of time with Grammie and GatorPa and also got to go over for cousin Madison's birthday party and see Landon's family!  We spent lots of time at the tractor store...which James LOVED.  He climbed from one mower, to the next, to the next....Here are a few pictures...
 A Classic. :)

James feeding Katie some bread.  Mom handed the bread to James to feed Katie and he took a big bite out of the bread himself - HA.   He loved Katie.  He would talk to her in the high pitched voice and say like he was singing, "Hi K. Hi K. Hi K."  Ha.  Over and over.  It was hilarious. 
One of the greatest (if not THE greatest) things about the trip was getting to spend a lot of time with my sister.  She and I have not been super close, and I know our personalities are pretty different, but I just hate that as I get older.  I really want us to be closer - even in the midst of very busy - and different - lives for both of us!  She came over twice while we were home - one day spent the entire day with us visiting with family.  But, the funn-est was on Monday when we met her down in Destin.  She helped us shop for James a new pair of shoes and bought our lunch at Dewey Destin's - those crabcakes were awesome.  Man, I love her!
Here's Krista helping me corral James in the Stride Rite Outlet :)

Ha - Oh my.  James LOVED to climb up in GatorPa's chair.
Is he looking like a big boy or what? 

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