Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painting Canvases - WITH NO STENCIL!!

This past Saturday we did something pretty fun (um, a little stressful but mostly fun) with our church ladies.  I had painted one other canvas, and I thought this experience would be like that one.  Well...it wasn't.  So, lo and behold, we get to the church that morning, and the artist arrives, and the canvases are BLANK.  Seriously.  Blank.  Yeah, so although that made it  little more stressful - it also made it relaly fun.  We watched the artist step by step and followed along with our own painting.  It was VERY fun.  I wish we'd had more ladies, but I know it's a busy time of year, and perhaps painting doesn't sound fun to everyone? I don't know, it sounded fun to me - mainly talking to my friends and eating and eating and eating sounded fun to me :)
All of us before we started...
The artist, Tracy, with all her stuff ready at the front
Here's my paiting.  NOW...these are supposed to be the fruits of the spirit.  Please don't neglect to note that I put "faith" and "faithfulness"...right. 
And here we all are with our paintings.  Great job ladies!!

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