Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of Preschool at BCA

What a great day for James!  His teachers were awesome - ready and waiting for all their little ones to arrive this morning.  James had his horse name tag ready :) and was very excited about going to "peescoo" today.  Landon and I took him together and walked him in. 

When we first arrived, Ms. Debbie, his teacher, was blowing bubbles, and James joined right in!  Then he moved to this puzzle.  Landon and I slipped out after a few minutes.  
I was going inside to get him when I got there at noon, but I realized everyone else was in the carpool line, so I better just get in the carpool line. Ms. Jean put him right in the backseat. He had his little monogrammed backpack on with his folder for the day in it.  His folder includes this yellow sheet called the Daily Report.  His says he was happy (other choices were content, upset, not feeling well), he had 1 wet diaper, he ate great (other choices were a little of everything or wasn't very hungry), and the notes said: Very Good Day!!  YAY!!  When he got in the car, I immediately began asking him questions.  Here's what I got: 
"….”sang wheels on the bus, sang abcdefg, watch larry boy (which is a veggie tales movie)”. Then I asked him if he’d made any friends. He said, “noah.” So, I think that was a good amount of info for me the first day. Oh yes, and I also said, “did you play on the playground?” and he said, “yes, too wet. Go inside.” 

Great first day!!!


  1. So smart of you to write all of these memories down!
    Sounds like an awesome day!

    Gina Schultz

  2. Why is a teacher named Bubbles teaching preschool? "He played with bubbles his teacher, Ms. Debbie, was blowing when we first arrived, and then moved to this puzzle."
    I think something is wrong with this sentence...