Saturday, September 1, 2012

Manna & Quail AND my Geranium

In my last post I was talking about how grateful I am for godly teachers.  I am equally grateful for godly teachers and volunteers who are willing to pour into James' life and heart at church.  Eric and Kelli mean a great deal to us - they have since we have known them - but Kelli being James Wednesday night teacher takes it to a whole other level for me of loving and appreciating her.  I LOVE that James is in FaithWeaver Friends and learning about God!!  I crazy love going in to get him and getting to hear about what he learned.  About Theo (the puppet) and this Wednesday night, they learned about manna God left from heaven every morning for the people to eat.  Kelli and Tiffany helped them make manna and quail and then they even picked up manna off the ground and collected it in their bags.  My heart is just thankful for people who are willing to invest in my child's life - especially his spiritual life.  We pray for Ms. Priscilla almost every night (James calls her Pisiyya), and he is really excited about going to Sunday School each Sunday and seeing her.  It makes my mommy heart so happy!!!!!!

On another, less spiritual note :)  I need to talk about my geranium.  My mom brought this geranium to me in the spring the last time she and daddy visited us.  It's a double bloom geranium - or something like that.  I am not a huge plant/flower lover, and usually I kill EVERYTHING.  I just like a few flowers here and there.  Some how, some way, I have been able to keep this geranium alive all summer long.  I had to re pot it - and it even survived through that!  It is doing awesome....just blooming and blooming.  It's funny because as a kid, I HATED working outside.  I mean, I hated it.  Like serious business.  My parents would force me to come outside and help them in the yard once in a while, and oh no, it was like end of the world for me.  It's funny now that I have my own yard, I really enjoy working in it!  I can't wait until it's time to plant the pansies and tulip bulbs again!  That is my FAVORITE.  
Anyway, the geranium is still alive.  I have no idea what to do with it when winter comes - like if it can stay outside or has to come inside or what...but I'm pretty fond of it since I've kept it alive all summer, and I intend to try to help it survive.  :)

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