Saturday, September 29, 2012

RB&Co. Stone Mountain Picnic

It has been a busy weekend so far...and the weekend isn't even over.  I guess I count Fridays as part of our weekend since that's Landon's day off.  Yesterday Landon was busy, and I got to go to spend some time with my work friends for a while.  I did a little bit of actual work while I was there, but I mainly went to be my friend Malissa's registry assistant.  Malissa is expecting her first baby in February (I THINK!! - I keep asking her and then forgetting and then asking and forgetting...).  She just found out she is having a BOY!!  I am so excited for her - I'm not sure how I got the honor of helping her register, but I was thrilled about it!  Malissa is a favorite friend of mine.  I was just telling someone this evening that I love her for many reasons, and that one of them is that she just lays it out there.  Tells the truth.  Doesn't mince words.  In my opinion, she just acts like who she is, and you can take it or leave it.  She doesn't try to be someone she's not - for instance, she says she can read my blog and look at the pictures, but I just write too many words and she can't read it all.  That CRACKS me up - because I do write a lot of words!!  We have some slight differences in our denominations (Methodist/Baptist) - which really are slight - but sometimes since Landon is a pastor people feel like we're judging or feel like if there's any difference in us at all, we cannot be friends.  Again, Malissa has never, ever treated me like I was any different as a pastor's wife.  I knew I wanted to be friends with her when I first came to RB&Co. 5 years ago.  She is someone who likes to get to know you for a while and takes some time to warm up - I am not like this :)  I am a jump right in person.  Anyway, after planning several events together, it was clear we had a lot in common, personality wise, and we have been friends since.  I am thrilled about her first baby, and soon we're doing a shower for her...which is going to be so fun!!  ANYWAY, after eating lunch with Bonnie and Malissa yesterday (oh yeah, and I could do a whole other post on how much I love Bonnie...), Malissa and I got to it.  We spent like 2.5 hours in Babies R Us registering.  I was TIRED and I know she was EXHAUSTED.  Thank goodness for Nanda keeping James yesterday for us.  Once I got back, we took Carolyn to eat at Stevie B's and then headed home. 
James woke up at 6am this morning.  I mean, seriously?  Dude, KILLING ME, man.  I got up with him and stayed up for about an hour with him.  Landon got up after that and took him to breakfast and to run a few errands.  I was going to just go back to bed for an hour and then get up and do some Beth Moore work, but I ended up just sleeping.  Landon left with James about 7:40am, and that's when I went back to bed.  I slept until 9:45am!  Yikes - what an indulgence!  2 extra hours of was heavenly.  Then we all got ready and headed to Stone Mountain.  James continues to want to wear his jammies everywhere, but I convinced him to wear his real clothes...thank goodness.  We bought season passes to Stone Mountain a while back.  This was a great investment for us.  It's about 45 minutes away from our house, and it's just a great getaway for us.  Feels like we are kind of in a different world every time we go.  James loves the choo choo, and today, for the first time, we rode the Skyride to the top!  I just don't think he can handle walking up the mountain yet, so we have not tried that.  It seems like every time we have been since getting the passes, the Skyride has been closed for some reason or another. was OPEN.  James LOVED it.  Going up was a lot easier than going down.  Going down was pretty scary, but he loved it!! 
Cloudy today, but still a view!
 James and Daddy
 Our little family
 My company's picnic was this afternoon.  I can't even begin to talk about what an honor it is to work for Ronald Blue & Co.  I have worked for them 5 years now.  I worked full time until James was born (which was around the time Landon was beginning full time pastoring and we moved to our first church) and then I was able to work about 10 or 15 hours a week from home.  It was completely ideal.  We needed the money, and I was able to be home - not a terrible commute in to the office.  I was devastated when, at the end of last year, I found out that my job in HR was coming to an end.  They needed more help in the office and were cutting my position to bring someone in.  I basically begged for it not to happen - I love it there, love the people, especially love the mission, and I just didn't want it to end.  But, it did.  I was really sad, and I just prayed that God would open another door.  Can you believe that HE DID IT??  Everyday Steward, a division of RB&Co., approached me about doing some part time work for them.  I have been working for them now from home for a little over 6 months, I think, and it has been amazing.  Why don't I ever trust that God has my best in the plan???  I love what I am doing - it is detailed work just like my HR job, and I get to communicate with clients, which I also love.  Just saying I am very thankful.  I hope I will have the opportunity to work for them a long time! 
We had a great time seeing lots of people at the picnic, but mainly, I just chased James around.  Landon and I chased him and chased him.  He was great today, but he is just busy - moving - no way to talk and have in depth conversations with anyone, which I hate, because so many of the people I don't see often at all!  This picture below is James and Isabelle, Mandy and Shannon's little girl.  Mandy and I worked together for several years while I worked in HR, and I really, really, um, I mean it, really love her.  Our personalities really clicked working together - and personally, too - and she has been a great support to me.  We have had some challenges in our friendship the last 6 months or so, but I am really hopeful that God will continue to help us along so that we can continue to grow together.  They are about to welcome a new sweet baby BOY into their family - in 2 weeks!!
That's it!  We drove home - to some chaos - I mean, what can you expect for a 2 year old kid who woke up at 6am and didn't take a nap.  YIKES.  He wanted to watch Barney, then Charlie Brown, then something else....he says something else he doesn't know what else and he wants me to list a bazillion options that he usually says no to all of....Good thing we didn't try to stay for the laser show. 
It has been a great couple of days.  Now, on to see what God is going to do tomorrow.  We have been missing different parts of our Bethabra family the past 2 Sundays - COME BACK!!!!!  We miss you!!!! 

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