Thursday, September 20, 2012

Steph, One of my Favorite Friends!

I follow a blog called Kelly's Korner, located here.  I have followed it several years now and love hearing all of this young mom's stories about her little ones and life, in general.  Kelly has quite a following and has begun doing something she calls Singles Friday.  Once in a while, Kelly allows singles out there to link up to her blog just to get the opportunity to meet.  WELL, it just so happens that one of my very favorite people in the WHOLE WORLD is single!  I have begged Steph to let me do a post on her for Singles Friday, and she finally agreed!! we go.
I met Steph in 9th grade (well, actually 8th grade, but we became best friends in 9th grade), and we have been close, close friends ever since (which would be about 15 years now - yikes, I am old!!).  We went to high school together and then roomed together for 2 years at the University of Florida. 
Stephanie is a pharmacist in Pensacola, Florida.  She is a little shy when you first meet her, and is extremely kind and open to a friendship with anyone she meets - I have experienced her warmth and friendliness firsthand!  With her, what you see is what you get - no pretense.  We met in 9th grade and did a Biology project together.  Steph is a go with the flow kind of person.  She is easy going and VERY funny (although you won't know that she's funny until you get to know her a little bit).  She likes sports - played softball during high school, and loves to watch Florida football AND go to the games when she has a chance.  We went to every single home game in college.   She is smart, smart, smart.  Steph loves animals.  She has a dog named Annie - a yellow lab. 
Stephanie is one of the most loyal people I know.  I always have had no doubt that she has my back.  She is hilarious to sing with in the car (we used to bust out some major Dixie Chicks and, and some others back in the day) and we used to love to drive around in high school...I still love to drive around with her now and look at pretty houses for fun :)  Steph likes a good sized car - not anything crazy small - she now drives some kind of Tahoe thing which is a perfect size for her to throw Annie in to take a trip AND to attach her waverunner to the back.  Since Steph moved to Pensacola, she has begun loving it on the water.  She always loved the beach (she could have stayed there all day when we were in high school/college, whereas I am a "2 hours max" kind of beach person), so it's not a stretch at all that she loves going out on the wave runner when she has time off. 
Steph loves the Lord.  Her love for Christ is obvious when you just speak with her for a few minutes.  It's obvious whether she actually talks about the Lord or not - just her demeanor and attitude make it obvious that she is a Christian.  I envision her going on medical mission trips or something like that in the future.  She has a heart for people.  Steph is great with kids, too.  I love it when she comes to spend time with us here in Atlanta and hangs out with our little boy, James. 
Let me show you some recent pictures.  This is Steph, in the middle, I believe with two of her co-workers.
Here's Steph, on the left, with her sister Elizabeth - they must be getting ready to ride the waverunner.
Here's Steph and me at James' b'day party last year when he turned 1.
Ooooh...something I didn't mention.  Steph loves her family very much.  She is close to her parents and sister.  Here she is below at a wedding with her grandmama.
And, here's Steph and her dad at a FL football game.
Another shot of Steph and her sister, Liz.  Steph is on the right.
She has some of the most beautiful hair I have every seen - naturally curly.  Some of my very, very best days and memories have been made with this good friend.  While Steph has dated a little, it seems that God has just not opened the door for the right man in her life.  I know Steph desires to be a wife and mom at some point in her life, and I know she will be very excited if/when God opens that door for her.   She is a deep person, and it takes a while to get through all the layers to get to know her.  This is a fun process because she is such a great person.  I think probably if I could pick the top two things I love about her it would be loyalty and humor.  She is loyal to a fault.  She has that funny dry sense of humor that smart people have (that I do NOT have) and is hilarious to be around.  She says the craziest stuff with a straight face.  She is joy to me.  I am extremely grateful for her friendship, and I know whomever the Father brings into her life as a date and possible mate will be extremely fortunate, as well.  Let me tell you, she is a prize.  A jewel! 
If you would like to contact Steph, you may do so through her email at:

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  1. Oh, my, goodness. I emailed you because I didn't get far enough to get to her email. Maybe you could forward my email to her? Matt also drives a Tahoe. There are a lot of similarities!