Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Weekend Home (1.5 Weeks Ago...)

I loaded these pictures onto this post right after we were home for the weekend a week and a half ago, and then I just never finished it.  We had such a great - but quick - weekend home.  Our reason for going home was that New Harmony (Lan's home church) asked him to come and preach their homecoming service.  They asked him last year, and he just couldn't work it out.  But this year, when they asked again, Landon just really wanted to go.  So, we went.  On Friday night, we went to a Crestview football game.  I didn't anticipate it being as much fun as it was.  It was great to see some people I had not seen in a very long time.  I sure am thankful that I went to school at CHS.  I am thankful for the move my parents made to afford me such great opportunities with music and extra curricular stuff, and even classes like AP and college credit classes.  I sure did love Crestview High School!  Anyway, here are Landon, his dad, and James :)  James loved the football game!  He didn't even move around quite as much as I anticipated, although he did move around a lot.
Madison's birthday party was Saturday afternoon that weekend, so we were able to go.  She had a puppy party at the splash park in Crestview.  It was lots of fun!
I thought this picture was SO SWEET.  We sure love Aunt Olivia and sweet baby Sophia.
This was our family picture after church on Sunday morning.  Landon did a great job.  He preached a challenging and truthful message that I know I needed to hear.  Landon is getting really good, and I am serious.  I can tell he's been doing this a little while.  There are some Sundays - few and far between - that I don't things connect all that well, but there are many Sunday when I am like, WHOA DUDE.  That was GOOD.  You can just tell the Spirit is all over him.  Serious business.  And, that's what it was like that Sunday morning.  Anytime Landon allows his story to enter his sermon, I just feel like God uses him in such an amazing way.
This is all the cousins at Wayne's Catfish House in Crestview Friday night.  
Oh my.  This one is so sweet to my heart.  After traveling home a month and a half or so ago and thinking that would be the last time I saw my grandpa, I was MORE THAN BLESSED to visit with them AT THEIR HOUSE while I was home.  Clearly God was not finished with Grandpa here on earth yet.  I am so thankful.  I love, love, love my grandparents.  I pray God will leave them with us for a long time.  He has used them in great ways in my life - shown His love to me through them countless times.  Thankful and blessed.  Those are the two words I think of when I look at this picture with my grandparents and my baby.  Whew, gotta move on or I'm going to cry.
Krista was so sweet to drive from Destin over to spend the afternoon with us.  James loves her.  At first we were in two separate cars and from one location to the next, James kept asking me over and over, "Aunt Krista coming? Aunt Krista coming?"  Ha.  Here they are at mom's school.
And here's James and my mom.  I think this picture is really special because this is my mom's last year teaching school.  I know James won't remember being in her classroom, probably, so it's special to me that we have taken a couple of pictures there.  
And, James and GatorPa at Wise Equipment.  No need to say how much James loves it there - it's a double whammie...tractors and GatorPa. 
And, my final picture.  I was so excited to see Mr. Lusk at the ballgame that Friday night we were home.  I have a million memories of my time at the school playing for him and even more after I graduated and married and had the opportunity to come back and be his accompanist.  God has blessed me in so many ways with opportunities to play the piano - and I love playing that kind of music.  That is no doubt something I deeply miss here in Georgia - playing for those schools.  I pray one day God will open a door for me to do that again!  Anyway, Mr. Lusk always, always, always has a special place in my heart.  I LOVED seeing him!

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  1. Hey Bethany! I just wanted to comment and say that I love reading your blog. I especially loved your post the other day on James at preschool. We have had a time with our Sam as he started 4K this year....boys sure know how to get in trouble some times! It does get better, though ;) Thanks for sharing pics of your precious grandparents....Love them! And also for sharing a pic of Mr. Lusk, glad to see he's doing great!
    Keep on writing :)
    Carrie Phillips