Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time Out & Big Boy Underwear

Alright.  First I need to give a school update on James.  That joker is cracking me up and keeping me on my toes every single day he goes to preschool.  We are just finishing Week #3 of preschool.  Week 1...we walked him in and slipped out when he didn't realize.  Week 2...Ms. Jean started getting him out of the car, and it was a little rougher, but when okay.  Week 3...Disaster with a capital D.  Oh my heavens.  I mean, it's not really a disaster, but let me just recount what our Tuesday morning was like. 
James wakes up at 7:30am.  This was sleeping in just a little for him, and I was getting concerned about whether or not we were going to have plenty of time before leaving for school.  However, he woke up.  He was doing great, and rocking right along.  I decided to make us eggs and bacon for breakfast (this rarely... I mean...NEVER happens), so James and I sat down at the kitchen table to eat our breakfast of eggs, bacon, and cantaloupe.  Yum.  I eat mine.  By now it's like 8:15am.  We leave around 8:40am.  He is not eating - didn't eat a bite of his breakfast (but that's the normal part).  I ask him if he would like to get down and he says no.  NO, MOMMY.  He wants to sit up there.  He sits up and there and sits up there and sits up there.  Finally...I have to go back and put on makeup and my clothes and just leave him sitting at the table.  Upon my return, do you think he wants to get down?  Nope.  I go and get his favorite shirt (the red Thomas one that I have leave inside out in his drawer so that he doesn't know what shirt it is), and try to bribe him to get down with his favorite shirt.  Finally, I just have to pull him down.  He starts freaking out.  Screaming about getting down from the table.  Intermittently during all of this craziness, I keep asking him if he's alright and if there's anything he wants to tell me.  Is something bothering him?  Because I can pretty clearly understand most of what he says now...but he just keeps screaming.  I wrestle him down to get his diaper changed and his short and shirt on.  I'm telling you it took me like 10 minutes to get that joker's shorts on because he is so strong.  I thought about giving him some more serious consequences...but ya'll, he literally just seemed totally freaked out, like he was panicking, and I just couldn't do it.  I strapped him down in the car and he was still wigging out.  When I grabbed our stuff and got in the car, he wanted to hold my hand.  I held his hand - one hand driving, one hand reached in the back holding his - all the way to the school.  My whole left leg and right arm were asleep.  He seemed to calm down as we neared the school.  OH WAIT, and I forgot to mention, it was our snack day.  It was an exciting day for him because we were bringing blueberry muffins and watermelon for his class - he gets to be the snack leader that day.  I mean, what more could you ask more?  So, when Ms. Jean starts coming to the car, he just loses it again.  She takes him and the snack bag and his backpack.  He is screaming, "NO.  MY MOMMY COME.  NO.  MY MOMMY COME."  Fast forward 3 hours.  He is like his old self when Ms. Jean brings him to the car.  She tells me he only cried for 2 or 3 minutes after I left.  However, she says, "Do you think James is sick?"  I say, "No, I don't think so.  Why?  Do YOU think he is sick?"  (because I am thinking how I have no idea what I am doing as a mom so if she thinks he is sick I have to listen up...).  She says, "Well, no, but he didn't really seem like himself today.  We made houses to put in their scrap books, and when we went to move to the next activity, he got very upset and wanted to take his house home.  So, he and I sat and made a house for him to take home."  She said something like knowing what was a hill to die on and what wasn't, and that if he wanted to make another house to take home, whatever...So...I took him to Sonic for lunch to try to do something special for him.  Oh yeah, and I didn't know this but we were supposed to bring juice boxes for snack.  I had no clue. 
Fast forward to today.  The morning went great - however, I did make him eat his breakfast on the couch with me rather than eating it at the table - ha.  I talked up school on the way, and he seemed all for it.  I even brought some juice boxes for them to keep in the class since we forgot to bring ours on Tuesday.  We got there and saw Ms. Jean...NOPE.  Same freak out.  She was telling him while she was getting him out of the car, "Your mommy loves you and so do we!"  Love Ms. Jean :)  So, I go.  I come back and Ms. Jean gives me the thumbs up in the carpool line that the day has gone well.  He is telling me how they did the Bear Hunt song, and he doesn't like it because he is scared when it gets to the cave part, etc.  So, Landon was with me, and Landon opens up his backpack and we pull out the sheet below.
Oh my.  It says Notes: Time Out - Not Listening.  Oh yikes.  We ask him about it and he basically says, yes, he had to go to time out (which he doesn't even know what that is because I've never put him in it - we've used other methods...).  He says he wasn't listening and he had to come in from the playground and have time out and then he got to go back outside.  So Landon told him we expect him to listen to his teachers, blah blah blah.  It was bizarro....
What in the world will next week bring????????????
Next big thing is.................get ready..................big boy underwear.  Now, let me just tell you.  James has not worn this underwear yet.  I have not even been pushing any potty training.  We started out getting him to potty a couple of times a day - I mean, trying to potty - but after a while, he got mad about it and didn't want to try anymore.  So, I just didn't force it.  I've totally backed off and haven't been making him try.  But, the past couple of days, he has been asking me about trying to go potty (this is usually during nap time, so I think it is probably a ploy on his part, but whatever).  So, we are in Kohl's yesterday, and I am looking for some pajamas for him.  I look around though and he is yelling that he wants something.  It's big boy underwear.  I had a gift card and I couldn't find any pajamas, and I explained what the big boy underwear was for.  I explained all about it and that we didn't need to get it because he wasn't going tee tee in the potty yet.  Oh my.  He wanted it.  He says, "I go tee tee in the potty.  Wear bi boy unweauh."  So, I bought it.  I bought a pack of Thomas and I bought a pack of various Disney (like Cars, Nemo, Lightening McQueen, etc.).  All afternoon he asked me about this underwear.  I kept telling him I had to wash it first.  Thank goodness he finally forgot about it because we had nap and then church - all times that were not a good time to try big boy underwear for the first time.  So, I washed it this afternoon.  I got it out of the dryer tonight and Landon and I were just laughing at how cute it is!!  It's like little man underwear - so funny!

I am planning to be home with him for a while in the morning and will try it out if he wants to....ha.  We shall see.  I should have much to report on this experiment soon.

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