Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Serenity Now. Oh please, RIGHT NOW.

Boy, I have had it today!  I'm not sure why, but it seems like everything is about to drive me CRAZY.  Right now, my little friend is screaming in his room - screaming my name (Mommy) over and over.  I have been trying to help him go to sleep for an hour, and I have HAD it.  I'm pretty good at not losing control with him (I just usually take it all out on Landon later...unfortunately), but I am pretty close...I had to leave him and just let him scream and come in another room for a little bit.  Maybe we both needed a break from each other. 

So, I found out what happened with the time out situation.  Ms. Jean told me when she came to get James at the car this morning for school.  She says that while Ms. Debbie was pulling the kids one by one inside to do an art project, that Ms. Jean had all the children lined up on the sidewalk - coming to or from the playground, I think.  She told the children several times to stay in a line on that sidewalk.  Well, after telling them several times, she looked up and James and his friend were headed the other way toward the playground.  Away from the line.  Away from the sidewalk.  She said, "I just cannot lose one of these children.  He had to go in time out."  Uh, CLEARLY.  Please, put him in time out.  She said, "And I always choose my battles so when he refused to sit down at time out, I let him stand up.  He was inside and that's what mattered.  He understood he was in time out."  I thought, oh my heavens, that little joker refused to sit down in the time out....are you kidding me????  I was thankful for the explanation and told her how much I appreciated her.  I sure do love those ladies who are teaching James.

Then, I pick James up from school (btw, he is still screaming in his room at this moment).    We need to go to Publix, which is great because he always loves to go to the store with me.  We get in the car cart, which is clearly not even debatable, and head in.  Well, thanks a lot Publix friends, for putting the fruit roll up snacks with SCOOBY on them right by the door headed in.  Not just the one with like 10 in them, but the ones that are $5 for like 26 packs of something I don't even know if James will eat.  Okay, now I know that I am the parent; the one who is in control.  But some days, I'm okay to fight it and some days, I just let him win it.  I have to choose what's a hill to die on and what's not.  We got the fruit roll up snacks and he started eating them.  I had to peel them off for him though - like unroll them because he couldn't/wouldn't do it.  We make it through the store on 2 fruit roll ups (I think these are called fruit by the foot now, but whatever).  We near the checkout, and I have one more fruit roll up bite in my hand.  I ask James if he wants it, and he clearly says, "NO."  So, I say, "Are you sure because I'm going to eat it."  And then he says, "Don't want it."  So, I eat it.  You would have thought I just chopped off that child's leg.  He starts screaming.  Like worse screaming than he's ever done in a store before.  I mean bad.  He was buckled in to the car cart and was like trying to slump himself down into the floor part of the cart where his feet were, just thrashing all around.  Dude, I need a mom vacation.  Serious business.  Do moms get vacation time?  I haven't heard of any yet, but I'm just thinking of reading a book sitting by the pool at Atlantis in Nassau. Oh my.  But, I digress.  So, I just calmly start unloading the groceries.  I'm right here at the checkout so I intend to get my groceries.  The Publix people are just acting like everything is totally normal.  The lady bagging my stuff says, "Would you like plastic,ma'm?" I'm thinking, "Lady, I don't care if you put my stuff on the ground and kick it to my car.  I don't care if you open up every box and eat part of it and then put it in the bag.  I don't care if you just throw it in my cart.  just get me out of here!  Hurry!  Then the cashier says, "Would you like your potatoes in a bag?"  No.  No.  No.  Just put them in my CART.  HURRY UP.  I HAVE TO GET OUTSIDE.  I was trying to get James a new fruit roll up, but he didn't want it.  He kept pointing to my mouth.  HE WANTED THE FRUIT ROLL UP THAT I PUT IN MY MOUTH - THAT LAST BITE.  Well, that's impossible, my little friend.  I can't get it out of my stomach now.  We make it outside.  He is screaming his head off.  As I said, this is the first time that's happened.  Lots of people were looking at me.  Several very sympathetic stares.  Oh my heavens.  I just kept it calm, kept walking, smiled.  I did apologize to the cashier and told her I was trying to get out of there.  When I got him strapped in the car, we had a little chat.  I believe that chat might should have included more than just a chat, but it didn't...

So, fast forward to nap time.  Still in there, whining Mommmmmmmmmy.  over and over.  and over. 

Let's see.  I would take Nassau OR I would take my coffee with peppermint mocha creamer sitting in a hot tub in the middle of the snowy mountains with steam coming up from the coffee and the tub.  Breathing in cold air, and drinking in that hot coffee.  Whew, I would love it. 

I also love my own life, even though I'm not feeling so thankful today.  In my Beth Moore study today, we had to divide our life into quarters and put all the perfect gifts from God during each quarter.  I was amazed at some of the things he showed me.  God has given me a wonderful family, and time is passing so fast, but yet sometimes each day seems SO LOOOOOONNNNGGG.  :)  Father has been so good to me.  He wants good things for me...and it's going to be okay that my child is not napping today.  That my full on 2 year old is half screaming the Thomas song and half screaming my name over and over still.  I am going to make it.  However, I would hesitate to come home if I were Landon since he's usually the one who takes the brunt of my frustration with James. 

Hurry home, Honey!  We are waiting (kiss kiss)  HA :)  Enter at your own risk today!

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