Saturday, September 1, 2012

Preschool Begins

What an exciting day!  I am so thankful Jeanette reminded me to bring my camera.  I had not even thought of that (duh!) in the midst of other busy-ness.  We decided at the beginning of the year that we thought it might be a great idea to look into preschool for James this fall - just a 2 morning a week or so program.  I am still working for Ronald Blue - which is an amazing blessing - about 10 hours a week, and sometimes I work late at night when it would be ideal for me to be hanging out with Landon.  I felt like if I had a couple of of mornings a week, I could have focused time to work then, and James could have a great new learning environment to work on learning new stuff and making new friends!  At first I was going to send him to the Methodist church down the street from us.  We have heard they have an awesome preschool program.  I went in the spring and signed him up, paid the deposit, and we were all set.  The only thing I didn't like was that their 2 day program was on Thursdays and Fridays.  Landon's day off is Friday, so I didn't like that.  I decided to go ahead and send him to the 3 mornings a week program, even though I didn't really want to.  Their 3 day program was on Mon., Tues., and Wed.  Anyway, as fall approached, we were getting excited about preschool.  And then, Carolyn mentioned BCA to me - Bethlehem Christian Academy.  I knew some about BCA because of Jeanette having taught there.  I knew what an awesome school and environment I'd heard it was.  I hadn't thought much about their preschool because I assumed it would be more expensive than we could afford, plus I felt like if I sent him to preschool there I would need to make a decision RIGHT NOW (which is how I operate) about the next billion years of his education - like whether or not we were going to send him to real school there.  Carolyn talked with their Head of School and found out that full time pastors receive a significant discount there.  And then, it was just like doors flew open for us to send James to preschool there.  Not sure about "big" school, but right now we're focused on preschool.  This past Thursday James had orientation and got to meet his teachers, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Jean.  What precious ladies!  I had already heard from Jeanette what a wonderful class it was since Finn was in the class the previous year, but to experience it for ourselves was awesome.  It was a beautiful classroom and seems like WONDERFUL people.  Oh my goodness.  I am so thankful this opportunity has opened up - I think it will help all of us!!
Here's James with his Christmas train (which he pronounces "Kipsis") from Memaw and Papa Bramlett - ha - he insisted on taking it into his preschool class for orientation.  His sweet little nose was looking terrible that day - it's looking MUCH better now (Saturday) - thank goodness!

James and his new teacher, Ms. Debbie!
Look at this awesome playground!
One thing I've realized while investigating preschool, asking other people's opinions about school, etc.  Whew, young parents have a LOT of opinions about what they think is the best thing to do with their kid about school.  Some think only home school, some think public school, some would NEVER choose public school and would only choose private school....and on and on and on.  It's a little overwhelming.  I can see that just like anything else in our world, it is going to take prayer and waiting for God to tell us what to do to know what is right for us and for James.  I just want to make the exact right decision!!  I think it's pretty clear that for this step in his little life, this is a great decision.  We love BCA already.  I was getting his little backpack ready (even though he doesn't start til Tuesday), pasting those little box things that give the school money on paper, putting his school calendar, snack calendar on the fridge, etc.  I had been in there forever doing it and finally Landon came in and I said, "Dude, I LOVE school.  I just love it!"  I can tell you that right now I am having way more fun than James just getting him ready to go.  So thankful for godly teachers who are willing to invest in my child. 

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