Sunday, September 2, 2012

Date at the Blue Willow Inn

Okay, so I'm sure NO ONE else experiences this, and I'm sure I'm speaking just about myself, but, more than sometimes, lots of times, Landon and I go out on dates and they are supposed to be fun, but they just aren't.  I mean, I don't have a bad time, but I just don't have a super fun time.  We know we need to go on dates to spend time together, and we both want to do that, but boy, adult life is tough.  We are tired and have stuff on our minds, and it just takes a lot of effort to connect.  At times we go out and just sort of sit and stare at each other across the table.  Go to the same old restaurants.  You know, the whole "Where do you want to go?"  "Oh, I don't care, where do you want to go?"  "No, I asked you first.  Where do you want to go?"  Blah blah blah.  Many times I miss those crazy college days when I was WILD for Landon to get to my apt. and I was running as fast as I could down the steps as soon as he pulled up.  Or, having a 2 hour "good bye" moment before he had to leave.  Or, just giggly times when we were living a life with no bills and no burdens.  Adult life had not hit.  We have more blessing now than we could have imagined - our church, our family God has blessed us with, our home, our precious friends.  Those blessings come with responsibilities, for sure, though, and we are in the adult world :)  I'm getting to the point of my post, I promise.
This past Friday night, we left James with Nanda and Pop Pop and headed on a date.  On the way to drop James off, we were talking about where we were going to go.  Landon actually asked me if I just wanted to go play pool at the student center at church.  I'm like, uh, NO.  Then, he thought of this great restaurant we both have heard about in the past in this little town about 30 min away called Social Circle.  I read about the town in a Southern Living magazine a long time ago and about the restaurant called the Blue Willow Inn.  Our GPS found it and I called to make sure it was really where it said it was.  We decided to go.  Now, for many people, a split second decision like this is the norm.  However, for us to do something different than go to our regular places, this was HUGE.
We dropped James off.  We had a great time talking on the way to the place.  When we got to the place, I LOVED it.  It was such a neat atmosphere, and the food was fantastic.   

We talked and laughed (really!) the whole time we ate, and then after we finished our meal, we sat outside on the big front porch in the rocking chairs and just talked for a while longer.  It felt like....wait for a it....a DATE.  I LOVED it.  A great reminder of why I fell in love with Landon.  I don't know why all the stars aligned on this particular night, but they did, and we had such a sweet time together.  Thankful Landon is my husband, my pastor, and the dad of my sweet baby.  
Will it happen again?  I hope so...I'm thinking of asking Landon to "go" with me... :)

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  1. And you can send him a note that says, "Do you like me? Check yes or no."
    Glad y'all had a real date!