Friday, April 17, 2009

Braves Game

Yesterday I left work at 9:30 (I know, I know, you are thinking why did I even go in? I went in because I was just off the Thursday and Friday of last week and in two weeks will be gone for a week on just for the point of it, I felt like I needed to go in - even for just 2.5 hours) and went to a Braves game with Landon and the FBCW staff. It was so much fun - I do not like to watch baseball very much, but I love going to those games! My favorite thing to do there is EAT (yesterday I had chicken fingers and french fries). We love to eat there so much that we've talked about getting the "all you can eat" tickets next time we go :) Anyway, it was a beautiful day! It was pretty chilly when we first arrived, but by the time the game started, our seats were in the sun. After Landon made us move three times, we finally got settled. I have a few pictures because they were sent to me by someone else's camera, and I have more taken by my own camera, but I just don't feel like uploading them right now! I'll do it later and post are a few I have so far...

You may be wondering what I am doing off to the side in this picture. I am working on my Sudoku puzzle. I love to do Sudoku, but I rarely ever do it unless we are on vacation or at one of these games. Usually I buy the AJC to read during the game, but this time, I printed out some Sudoku's to work on. I love going out there!

Outlook for the weekend: I am very worried about playing the piano for the service Sunday night. I won't say any more about it on here because I just don't want to. Tonight we're thinking about going to Stoney River - we have a coupon for $25 off that expires on 04/19, so we really need to use it. Tomorrow Landon has to work 3-11, so I'm glad we'll be home together in the morning, and then he's off Sunday! I'll be busy almost all day Sunday with orchestra stuff, so I probably won't see very much of him.

Running update: I ran with Landon last night after the Braves game - from our house to the church!!! It was 4.8 miles - I ran the whole way (maybe slow, but I still ran). That is good - I thought I might die, but I didn't! Yeah - progress made!

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