Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home - Part 2

A new week is beginning...we arrived home last night about 10pm. We thought we would get back earlier, but with spring break traffic coming back into town, we lost some time. It was tough to get up this morning, especially in really hard rain!

On Saturday morning, Mom, Krista, and I went together to Fort Walton so I could be measured for my bridesmaid dress. We stopped by Good Things Donuts, and I took some pictures! The lady in the third picture down is making Krista's donut fresh - a chocolate covered custard filled!

After filling myself with donuts (probably not a great idea before you go to be measured), we drove to Simply Elegant so I could try on my bridesmaid dress (the sample - which was way too big) and be measured. Krista was going to try on her dress for me (which I, of course, would NOT be posting on here) but they sold the sample so I couldn't see it live and in person!! I really liked my dress - especially after the lady put big safety pins in the back so I could actually walk around without holding it up. Krista did a good job picking them out. I'm excited about this wedding! Krista says I can wear my hair however I like - thoughts? Up? Down?

After being measured and Krista NOT getting to try on her dress for me, and having to deal with a very abrasive person who worked there (which I will not go into detail about), we headed to lunch. I really wanted to eat on the water. We tried Magnolia Grill (which is not on the water - but I really like!), but they were closed for lunch (uh, even though their door was open and a bunch of people were sitting out on the porch) and suggested we go to the Bay Cafe. I had an amber jack croissant, which was great - the view was beautiful, and I love how it smells out there! It was such a pretty day! We had a great time spending a few hours together - just us girls.

Saturday afternoon we spent with Landon's family at our nephew's birthday party - he turned 5! Sunday, Landon preached at New Harmony, his home church, and he did a fantastic job. Mom and Dad had the family at their house for Easter, so we had 20 people! It was a very busy weekend - we have to get home to get some rest!!

BTW, Landon stopped for me when we got home so I could get a newspaper and check out my COUPONS! I think they may only put those really good coupons in the paper at the beginning of each month. Publix had some new coupon situation I had never seen - kind of looked like an Aldi ad...anyway, I'll be checking out my coupon business when I get home tonight - I'm so excited about it!


  1. Love the bridesmaid dress.... you're right; Krista did a great job on selection. As for the hair, I like it up... more sophisticated, but either way is great (only because you're soooo preeeety! Great pictures of you and Landon. The closeup is great. As a matter of fact, all of your pictures are great! BD

  2. I'm glad ya'll had a good trip home. I like the hair up as well - black is pretty elegant and more formal and I think the hair up matches it more than hair down. Krista looks pretty tan! I love Good Things.

  3. Hair up looks more formal so if the wedding is more formal, go that way. Hair down is definitely more Bethany...I really don't think you can go wrong either way. :) Can't wait to catch up with you real soon!