Monday, April 20, 2009

I Knew She Would Be Great

Last night was the debut of the FBCW Orchestra CD "Foundations."  Bethany regularly plays the piano for the Orchestra on Wednesday and Sunday nights for their rehearsals.  She would be playing with them on Sunday mornings, but we teach a Sunday School class at 9:30 so she can't be in that service to play with her friends.  Though she was very nervous about playing for the entire evening service, she did a fantastic job.  She managed the click track and ear monitor system that they use here with only minor situations.  Bethany will have to post something about her adventure if she feels so inclined.  The video above is probably the best one to hear and see her play.  At approx. 3:58 in the video you will see her beautiful visage on the big screen in the upper left corner.  I am very proud of Bethany and I am thoroughly impressed with her ability to play anything on the piano that you put in front of her.  Though she was worried about being able to handle all that is involved with playing the piano at FBCW, I want to go on record to say - I knew she would be great!  If you would like to watch the entire service online and perhaps see more video of Bethany playing click on the following link: FBCW PM Service 4/19/09

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