Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home! - Part I

We arrived home yesterday afternoon just in time for lunch with Dad (at Mia's) and to go watch baseball practice for our nephews.

This morning we drove to Destin and walked around on the beach for a few minutes - although the beach is not my favorite, our beach is really beautiful, and I think it's probably really exfoliating for my feet - and goodness knows they need it...

After eating breakfast at our favorite Good Things Donuts, we were going to eat lunch on the water at a hole in the wall place called Nick's. Well, we arrived and it looked crazy - more like a gas station - so we could not eat there. The picture below is a crazy place called the Freeport Cafe where Landon used to eat lunch a lot when he worked in Destin. This place would never have an acceptable health rating and made Landon sick on numerous occasions....Look at it below...I just can't understand why...

So...we ended up eating with Dad again back in Crestview at another one of my favorite places, Desi's. Do not ever try to use the free 411 to find the phone number to Desi's - just trust me and pay the money - unless you want to find some wine bars. For some reason although I was saying "Desi's" over and over, it kept only calling out wine bars to me. Did not need the info. Anyway, my favorite desserts were there today - chocolate cake AND bread pudding! It was great!

I decided last night to see if I could get my wedding dress on last night. Although I still couldn't breathe in all the way with it zipped up, (just like it was on my actual wedding day) it still fit! It was pretty fun to put it back on. I should think of another time I could wear it again. Anyway, here's my picture in it - ha!

Tomorrow I'm being fitted for my bridesmaid dress for Krista's wedding. I am wearing proper undergarments for this fitting. I'll update later for part two of the trip - right now I have to go make a sand mountain pound cake.


  1. Did you eat at that donut place twice?!?!?!?!?! And do you think you ate enough desserts? What about the real food you ate or was it all sweet?!?!?!?!

  2. love the dress! i think every year there should be a wear your wedding dress day (if it fits) so every one has a good excuse to pull it out. we should start that holiday...