Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Presentation & Krispy Kreme

Last night was fun! The Cobb Energy Centre was really neat, and the music was great. I knew almost all of the songs, and really enjoyed hearing Charles Billingsley. I have been very spoiled, though, at our own church because of how free I think the worship is there. While they were singing Revelation Song or God is Here or Unto the Lamb, I wanted to stand and raise my hands, just like I would have done and others would have been doing at my church. But, no one did this last night. They really did treat it like a concert more so than a church service. Landon reminded me that people genuinely worship a lot of different ways, and I know that. I just feel like since we've come here, the Father has really freed me up to worship Him in ways I would have been uncomfortable with before (I'm not saying I am charismatic and want to dance up and down the aisles). After being there last night, and hearing such great music and really wanting to do like I do at our church, I felt SO THANKFUL to be where we are!!! And, you know, really, it's my own stuff that I didn't lift my hands if that's what I wanted to do. I was afraid of what the people around me would think, or my own friends or husband sitting right beside me - and that can only be my own fault. The concert was great though, and we had a great time with Malissa and Winfield!!
After the presentation, Landon and I headed home. I thought we headed home, anyway. We were really headed to Krispy Kreme even though it was 10pm, and I had to work the next day :) Landon and I always have some issues over Krispy Kreme. The first time we went to Krispy Kreme together, we got the donuts, which were hot, and he stands by the table and opens the box and starts eating them, seems like, as fast as he can. I am standing there like WHAT???? I'm like, "Excuse me, I have to get a milk, and a straw, and a fork and a napkin, and do they have any paper plates here?" So, we've only been there together a few times, but last night Landon was a little more patient with me - let me say again, a little. The doughnuts were delicious! Here are Krispy Kreme pictures...even though Landon's not really smiling in his, I have to post it anyway so you can see his custard filled donut.


  1. Bethany, it's OK to touch the doughnut with more than 3 fingers. Nice hat, btw

  2. Dear Blog Readers,
    I feel that Bethany regularly portrays my passionate devouring of Krispy Kremes in a negative light. First of all, I was trained in the school of one Johnny M. Hunt on how to eat them. He doesn't go inside and prepare a nice table complete with silverware. He begins passing them out to others and eating them as soon as they enter the car. Secondly, every joule that escapes the doughy goodness depreciates the enjoyment factor. Those are my two main reasons for impatience when I see "THE LIGHT."