Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am so excited about Israel's new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The words above stand for Bibi for Prime Minister! When we went to Israel in 2007, I LOVED it over there and was excited to hear they have re-elected Netanyahu. I was listening to Sean Hannity yesterday for a few minutes, and I got so riled up over this. I said a lot about it to Landon, but he told me what I could and could not post on the suffice it to say, that I am very thrilled that Netanyahu has been elected there. He is a take care of business kind of man, and I appreciate that. I pray that the US will continue to support Israel, and if we don't, well, that's pretty much it for us, in my opinion. So...since I'm not thrilled (this is a nice way of saying how I really feel, Landon) about Obama, for many reasons, but especially his latest stance on not even saying "War on Terror" or using the words "terror" or "terrorist", I have decided that Prime Minister Netanyahu is my personal president for the next few years. I know this does not make any sense, but I'll be pretending I am a citizen of Israel (are they citizens over there?) and that Netanyahu is who I voted for!!! Yeah! Take care of Iran, Iraq, and the crazy terrorists - let them know who's boss!!! Go Netanyahu!!!!
Here's a great article about him:

A picture of my new favorite PM:

Oh yes, and lest we forget Idol last night - rivaling important wordwide news, of course. I think my favorite could have been Kris - he did a GREAT job! I think Washing Machine (i.e. Megan) is out of here. I actually thought Scott did fantastic on his song. Danny Gokey was great, as always. I thought it was especially touching when he sang the part about, "Never knowing what could have been...." since he lost his wife and it's true that in his life, he'll never know what could have been with her. Sigh. Um, I thought Adam was crazy talented, and I think he may win the whole competition, although I did feel a few weirdness vibes from him last night (anytime he rubs up and down his own body, I get the creeps). Lil was not great, and unfortunately, I thought Matt didn't do a very good job (but I really like him!!), and I thought Anoop - uh, sorry no, I just think he looks like a doctor. Allison - good job, but I wished it had been more jammin out - I was a little disappointed, but thought she chose a great song for her voice. Alright...that's it for now - my prediction for bottom three - Matt, Lil?, Megan...I could be wrong about this...

Landon preaches tonight at pray!!!!

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