Friday, April 24, 2009

FRIDAY, Stone Puppies, & TV

I am glad it's Friday. Why am I so tired? I decided that I would wait until Friday to get my Bojangles sausage biscuit, so I've been waiting all week for that biscuit-y goodness. It was worth the wait - and makes Friday even better. I don't know if Hardees or Bojangles is better. People do not really know much about Hardees (it seems like) up here in Atlanta. I think Hardees sausage biscuit is probably better, truthfully.

I'm going shopping tomorrow at the outlet mall in Dawsonville. I'm very excited about this little day trip, and when I checked the map of the outlets online, they have a store called "Loft" there. I am thinking this must be an Ann Taylor Loft factory store - which I've never seen before. Landon said he was going to make me sign something saying that since I went to these outlets I don't have to go to the St. Augustine outlets when we're there. Our trip to St. Augustine has become jam packed (well, jam packed to me) with stuff like - golf trips to try to see Tiger Woods, a trip to Disney (with tickets we bought on ebay)...uh...that's all, but it seems like kind of a lot - oh yeah, plus some tours that I want to take (because I am like a senior citizen).

I meant to say something about this last week, but I forgot - last Friday night, we took advantage of a coupon we had to Stoney River and ate there. I love that place! My favorite things are the Stone Puppies...which I took a picture of for your viewing pleasure...

These are like one of my very favorite things - kind of like a donut, but not, and with butter, and they are hot, and oh my word, they are so good. I've never had anything like them.

I haven't made any comments about TV shows lately. I was very glad on American Idol that it was time for Lil and Anoop to leave. I like both of their voices, but talent-wise, it was their turn to go. I thought it was WAY cool that Paula choreographed the dance they did on Thursday night - made me think of "Opposites Attract" - haha! I have not talked about Lost on here, but that's the other show we watch religiously. Last night was just kind of a recap (although a new show) of how they've all gotten back on the island. I really want them to all be in the same time/year/whatever though so that Sun and Jin can see each other!! I'm going to be really sad when that show ends - the man that plays Ben is such a great actor. He never fails to continue to creep me out with his weird voice and the way he says stuff. Landon and I taped (haha - DVR'd) one of those Chucky movies to watch together soon. The first one of those I saw was Bride of Chucky which we watched from Providence House in New Orleans - now that is funny - come to the seminary and watch some crazy horror movie. You know, another one of my favorite shows is House Hunters - I wonder if we have to move somewhere to go to a church and serve if House Hunters would put me on their show. Gotta go check that out on their website right now.

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