Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trolley Tours...NOT Just for Senior Citizens!

Okay, I don't know why, but I LOVE tours. I love to take tours when we go on vacation. I have taken tours in Washington D.C (two years in a row I took the exact same two day tour), in New York City, and now in St. Augustine. I just signed us up to take tours during our vacation next week. Landon, on the other hand, does not love tours - but I really think I've been bringing him over to my side. These tours are so awesome, too, because you can get off and on at a bunch of trolley stops every 15 minutes - yeah! Although I want this vacation to be more chill-axin (I think that is the funniest word ever, but I don't think I'm probably cool enough to use maybe I will - if I remember - just to be funny), I do not think I can go to a new city - especially a historical city - without a TOUR! I signed us up this morning...'s the vaca schedule so far:

Saturday: leave around 3pm (when Landon gets off work)
Sunday: NOTHING (could take trolley tour or do Alligator Farm)
Monday: NOTHING (could take trolley tour or do Alligator Farm)
Tuesday: watch Tiger Woods practice at Sawgrass
Wednesday: Disney World
Thursday: Ghost tour in evening
Friday: leave by 10am and go through Gainesville to be on our campus for a while

Here are the items I have ready for us to take:
Several lists of different restaurants people have recommended
A word document with directions from our condo to restaurants/shopping/tours (like 20 different places...)
E tickets for Trolley Tour, Ghost Tour, and Alligator Farm
Tickets for practice round with Tiger
Map of St. Augustine
Maps of where the tours will take us
Restaurant menus for some of the recommended restaurants

I am a major list maker...and although swine flu does have me a little scared, I am looking forward to being on VACATION!

Can you find me below...instead of where's Waldo...this is...

Can you find B on the trolley??

(you can see I am not good at photo editing!)


  1. You are so funny! I am really glad you are my wife. I can't wait to go either. I love you.


  2. Your list making is really informative--in case Dad and I EVER take a quick trip like this. Love the photo edit - LOLOLOL! It took me 2 cups-- no, 1 sip--of coffee before I found you on the trolley. Looks like a fun trip! Momma