Thursday, April 2, 2009

Landon is MY MAN

Well...last night was a success! (Uh, this picture was taken AFTER all the people filling the chairs left, I promise - the room was full when Landon was speaking!) Landon did a great job. He was a little anxious before going up there, but once he got up there to speak, I can't believe how relaxed and at ease he seemed. He talked about the scripture, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself" (that is my paraphrase). He talked about how most people (99 out of 100) have resigned themselves to living the Christian life never really knowing the joy of actually knowing the Father. Maybe he'll write more about it later, because I think it's really good stuff. I thought it was a great mix of grace and truth, which is a specialty for him :) I think because his spiritual gift is mercy, he's able to speak truth in a way most people cannot - in a compassionate, non-judgmental way where people are accepting of the truth and not defensive or put off by it. So, he spoke last night, he speaks next Monday night, next Wednesday night, and then he speaks at his home church for Easter Sunday. I also have him signed up to do a devotion one Tuesday in May at my work! His calendar is getting full! It's weird how many doors are opening for him to do stuff, but just not full time....paying full time job...doors. I think he is a great speaker, but I also think he is great at talking with people, like in a counseling role. It will be very interesting to see what the Father does with him. I LOVE THIS MAN! Oh yeah, and I made him stand at the front of the Magnolia room to take his picture after everyone left.

We are going tonight to the Cobb Energy Centre for the Johnson Ferry Baptist Easter presentation with Charles Billingsley - we are meeting our friends to eat at Moe's beforehand (my co-worker/friend Malissa (remember...flat belly diet)...and her fiance Winfield). Do not worry...I will have pictures!

Update on my sickness/weight situations: I have a headache tonight but I think it's because I haven't eaten a whole lot - had a situation on the scale this morning so I'm taking it easy today. I have 10 more pills to take in my antibiotic....I started with 28, so this is encouraging. My last one should be next Tuesday morning. If antibiotics make me feel sick then why am I weighing so much - Steph or Krista, please help me with this question.

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