Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Getting HOT in here...Turn on the A/C!!!'s really getting hot here! I don't know how many of you wait as long as you can to turn on your air conditioner...but we try to wait until we can't stand it anymore! So, we've been waiting a couple of weeks, trying to open the windows, etc., and it's been bearable, but this weekend - that was it. It got pretty hot. I got home Friday night when Landon was gone, and the temperature was 83 in the house. So, I opened the sliding glass door in the back, tried to let that help, but I was getting home so late and without him that I was afraid to open the other downstairs windows. I ended up caving and turning the air on upstairs only and just for the night. Saturday morning I turned it back off and went shopping for the day. Well, when I arrived home on Saturday night about 8pm, hello, it was 86 degrees downstairs - um, just no, that is too hot. So, I tried opening all the windows - since it was still light outside I felt safe - and it went down to like 85 in a couple of hours. I ended up having to run an errand about 10:30 on Saturday night (and I still had the windows open) but then I just could not stand it anymore. Of course, I had to shut all the windows when I left to run my errand, and I turned all the A/C units ON. It's funny how cool 79 feels when you've been sitting in 86. It was a relief...but we do need to change those filters - we are bad about remembering to do that! All in all, I am VERY THANKFUL the A/C has been turned on. I really hate sweating - especially inside my own house. I was beginning to feel like I'd been in a hurricane and the power was out! 5 days and counting til vacation!!!

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