Monday, March 16, 2009

25 Things About ME:

25 Interesting (or not) Things about Me:

1. I have had one pet (and really it's my sister's dog) in my entire life, Katie.
2. I live 332 miles away from my parents.
3. The smell of bagels makes me want to throw up. I used to like them a lot, but after smelling them every Friday at work, I am really tired of them.
4. My family owns a John Deere/Kubota dealership called Wise Equipment.
5. My best friend in high school was nicknamed STD (but not for the reasons you are thinking) and E.A. I don't get to talk to her much anymore, but I never forget about her!
6. From Kindergarten - 6th grade, I took ballet, gymnastics, piano lessons, and was a Brownie and Junior in the Girl Scouts. I was not in all of these things at the same time.
7. I have worked at various schools/colleges playing the piano, Baskin Robbins, Wise Equipment, the International Baptist Network, Hibernia Bank, and Ronald Blue & Co. One time I got like 5 W-2's in one year.
8. My favorite cookies are the chocolate chip cookies my sister makes.
9. I hate noises people make like if they have a piece of coconut in their mouth and they are grinding it together between their teeth.
10. I love to watch American Idol and Lost the most! I also like to watch reruns of House.
11. I worry a lot about things - I can be OCD.
12. My favorite restaurant is Longhorn, and my favorite food there is chili cheese fries.
13. I got spankings when I was little with a wooden spoon. Sometimes I had to pick up pine cones in the yard (this was not punishment, but it felt like it).
14. I've lived in 3 states just since getting married 5 and a half years ago.
15. I get to play the piano for the orchestra at First Baptist Church Woodstock.
16. I've never gone bungee jumping and I never intend to. I would not jump off the top of a big pole while doing a high ropes course. I did, however, climb up really high at our church one day - and that was like a ropes course kind of feat for me.
17. My mom puts all kinds of fun tags on our Christmas presents. She writes from Mrs. Claus or from SC or from Santa's Elves....
18. I do not have pretty feet. I think I will end up having to go to a podiatrist when I get older.
19. I'm the oldest child.
20. I went to University of Florida and LOVE the Gators. I do not go for other teams, and I am not a fair weather fan. In all kinds of weather, we all stick together.
21. I've never gotten a speeding ticket, yet for accidents and other situations, I've been pulled over probably 6 times. I understand this is not fair, and my day is coming.
22. I love sweet tea.
23. I love Landon, my husband, and I'm really thankful to be married to him. He's a great husband, and we have a REAL marriage.
24. I like working in HR.
25. I really love the book The Shack and the book Falling for God.

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