Friday, March 13, 2009

Receipts, Bones, and Parking Lot Etiquette

3 Issues to Discuss:

I was just at El Porton for lunch. I was with friends from work. When the check came, the waitress split it up, just like we needed it, but it was all on the same ticket - like split 4 ways, just on the same ticket. Well, one of my co-workers pulled out a pen, and wrote down our the last 4 digits of each of our card numbers and our last names by each of our charges - so, by my charge for my $5.75 chicken taco salad he wrote "Frymire ####" (whatever the #'s are for my card). I thought this was an ingenius idea - I had never seen anyone actually write on the bill before. My other co-workers seemed to know about this idea, but I thought it was worth posting - very good idea when you are with a group!

Next item of business has to do with dog bones. So, back before my office moved to this new location, we changed the dress code to be fancier. So, no problem (well, sometimes annoying, but no real problem) we are all dressing nicely. Some of the reason they decided to change the dress code was because they said at our new building people would be dressed really nice (which was not the case at our old building since it was becoming a medical building and people were in the elevator with scrubs and hazardous waste bags). Well, my friend Malissa (the Flat Belly Diet friend) and I were on the way back from lunch a couple days ago. We drive into the parking lot and I see a man. I wish I had a picture of him, but let me try to describe him. He was a very large man (kind of like that man in the yogurt shop when I was a kid, Mom) like really large, like could have been on the biggest loser (and I am not making fun - I am just trying to help you get a picture - I promise - I am having weight situations, myself, so I would not be hypocritical). He had on flip flops (rubber kind) and jean shorts. The best part was his shirt. He had on a too tight shirt, untucked - it was blue and had DOG BONES all over it. Are you joking me - I'm wearing too tight panty hose to work so that I can be in an office building with a man who has dog bones on his shirt?? Killing me, people!

Last item of business for now. Twice in the past couple of weeks I have had weird encounters with people in parking lots, and they are really making me mad!! The first one happened in Publix parking lot where this man had been on my tail and I felt bad about it because I could see he was in a hurry. When he parked (oh yeah, and he was driving a huge truck - hence the monster truck picture), I yelled out my window, "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to hold you up!" Well, he yelled something back at me I couldn't understand, but I just yelled again, "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to hold you up!" And then he smiled and waved and said it was okay. Landon said it was not a good idea I had done this and told me not to do it again. I was sorry though, seriously. Then today, we get back from lunch and are walking through the parking lot across a space, and lo and behold, someone's trying to pull in there and we are walking across - so I smile and wave at the people in the car, again, sorry we are holding them up while taking 10 SECONDS to walk across the space - she does not even smile at me! She just looks really annoyed - so then I yell out, "SORRY WE WERE TAKING UP THE SPACE FOR 10 SECONDS - I'M REALLY SORRY!" So then, my friend says, "Do you realize their windows were rolled down?" Yes, I realized. You know, if people are going to be rude, I understand, some people are just rude. BUT, IF I SMILE AND WAVE AND THEN YOU ARE STILL RUDE, THAT REALLY MAKES ME MAD - why? I don't know - maybe I'm embarrassed - that's probably it. Anyway, those are three things I just needed to get off my chest.


  1. You are crazy, Dude. I agree with Landon. Please don't get yourself hurt one day by yelling at people. They are sometimes for real crazy and have no control of themselves.
    -- steph
    (PS - I do not have any of the required special accounts that are compatible on this service so I have to post my comments as 'anonymous' and then just sign them at the bottom...classic weirdness.)

  2. I remember the yogurt shop man... (Shiver! How can I forget?!) I'm wondering what will happen if you yell something at a rude driver, and then they show up in your office for an app't.... If that happens, you can always be your sweet self and explain that you were only apologizing. We miss you!! Hey, Steph!