Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Two New Best Friends

Update on the "I do not have Meningitis but thought I might" situation. After having a pretty severe headache for like the past week, and really longer, but I can just remember the past week vividly, I decided I'd try to go to the dr. today. This is the first time I can remember having headaches that did not go away at night! Usually going to sleep fixes it for me! So...I called the dr. this morning and they saw me today. I did not mention my self diagnosis of possible meningitis, but waited to see what the "experts" had to say. He did decide it was sinus stuff, which I already thought since I feel like something has been jammed through my forehead into my face ( I mean, I thought it #2 to the meningitis :)... He looked up into my sinuses and said they were very swollen, but there was no junk. He said it was odd that I had no other symptoms but the headache, but that he could see the swelling up there. So...he gave me a sample (YAY!) of Nasonex (I love commercials where animals talk) and also gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin (I haven't taken an antibiotic in over 2 yrs!) just in case I did have a sinus infection. I hesitate to mention the antibiotic because I'm waiting to hear from Steph (best friend pharmacist) or Krista (almost RN sister) who will probably tell me that I shouldn't take the antibiotic. I am going to take it though, just in case, like the dr. said (I figure it's okay to take an antibiotic every 2 years or so?) Anyway, he told me to keep taking my Excedrin if I needed to, but to try Aleve because that is what neurologists recommend. Whatever - I just need some relief! So, as soon as I got in the car with the Nasonex I was squirting that up my nose. Hopefully these things will help me not feel like a truck is being driven through my face.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I ran without Landon yesterday afternoon after work (in the time where the Excedrin was actually working) and ran the WHOLE WAY!!! That means I ran 4.7 miles on our little route! I'm so excited!!! That is farther than I've ever run before! I thought I might die toward the end, but I didn't - and then this morning when the nurse said my pulse was 60, she goes, "Do you work out?" And, I was so proud! I was like, "Oh yes, I do." (Like I am some crazy dedicated athlete whose pulse is really low all the time because of working out :)
Ha! In other news, I'm making a new recipe tonight - some kind of bacon cheeseburger roll up with pizza dough - I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. I'm impressed with your running. I have always wanted to be able to run, but even in high school, I was always the slowest on my teams. HA! It has discouraged me ever since. I'll leave it to the pros like you and Landon. ~Kelli

  2. OK - if you are going to take the antibiotic, just be sure to FINISH it all. Remember what we've talked about before with antibiotics - interactions and potentially side-effects (we can discuss further in a private email if you wish). The Aleve (or you could use generic ibuprofen) may help with the inflammation in your sinuses better than the Excedrin. You could try to alternate them, too. Whatever works. The Nasonex will work best if you take it on a regular basis for a while (not PRN). I'm glad you are getting some relief - at least enough to run 4.7 miles. Heck, I'd need much more than Nasonex to do that so it is impressive. Oh, and your pulse has always been really low, along with your BP. I wonder just how low it will go? Keep it up, Dude. 'Tis all very good.
    --your personal pharmacist