Monday, March 23, 2009

Carrot Cake - Yummy!

Landon had to work on Saturday night, which is unusual for his schedule - usually he works days. He switched with someone to be able to have this past Sunday off though and ended up having to work 3-11 on Saturday night. I wanted to make a special surprise for him, so I decided to try Paula Deen's Grandma Hier's Carrot Cake. This was the 3rd time I'd made it, and I really watched it in the oven and pulled it out as soon as it was done so it would be really moist. I know that Landon never ate carrot cakes growing up (this is what he has told me, anyway) but the last time I tried this cake to take to work, he really seemed to like the little bit I brought home that was left over. And, I didn't have time for a cheesecake to get cold in the fridge by the time he got home Saturday night. The hardest part about the carrot cake, to me, is having to do the carrots in the chopper. I have an electric chopper, but it's not that big, so I have to do it like 3 different times to finally get the 3 cups I need for the cake. Just to be vulnerable with you, I sometimes worry about my cooking - I don't cook a ton, but I just really want to do a good job - and for Landon to like it and think I'm good at it. I think it's like one of those things where if I can cook okay it's another check in the column of "I will probably be a decent mother someday and am a decent wife now" :) Not that I feel the need to be Paula Deen or some big cooker, but just that I can hold my own in the kitchen and actually make things my family loves to eat. I had just iced the cake when he came home - it was DELICIOUS! He said he thought it was great! I ate as little as possible for dinner tonight so that when he gets home we can have another piece together! If only American Idol was on would be a perfect evening!


  1. Paula Deen? Hmm. I'll read that as: "contains 6 sticks of butter." Sounds good though. I think Krista has Aunt Jo's (your Aunt Jo, that is - I don't want to sound like she's my Aunt Jo...yet) recipe. We got it the last time we were down there. She hasn't made one yet. Something about 'school' and 'being busy.' I'm not quite sure what all those words mean strung together like that. Anyway, I'll help you figure out how to put a counter on your blog if you'd like. It's not too hard, but it does require an extremely basic understanding of HTML.

  2. Thanks, Matt! Yes, I'd like your help - maybe over Easter. Since I have NO concept of HTML...that'd be good. I take no offense to you calling her your own Aunt Jo, nor do I think she would take offense! It will be reality very soon...