Monday, March 9, 2009

Bucky vs. The Great Outdoors

VS. the risk of ending my blogging career before it's even begun, I have decided to air some dirty laundry (so to speak of course - unless there is actually some dirty laundry in one of these pictures by accident). Today has been a BEAUTIFUL day here, one of the first work days I've been able to come home and go running OUTSIDE! Now, let's not pretend that I am some workout-aholic. The main day I work out during the week, that is a constant, is Monday evenings. I know, I know, you are asking when I am going to get to my pictures above....well, Landon and I decided (after much arguing and no resolution - even to this day) that it would be alright for him to hang his deer (Bucky - oh, and that is not Landon's name for him - my sister named him) downstairs in our basement room. Since our basement room is not a real part of our house (this is what I tell myself) I am okay with this (meaning: we did not divorce over it). Landon has moved the elliptical machine in the last couple of months to face Bucky, so now, when I run on the elliptical machine, Bucky is staring at me the entire time I work out. I usually notice Bucky's cool stare twice during my workout. Once at the beginning and once toward the end when I think I may die from exhaustion. Bucky never speaks, just stares. I imagine his mouth moving, but then I lose interest and just continue with my workout. Already I do not like this long time friend of Landon's, and now he is mocking me while I am trying to get my body (which is falling down) in better shape. So....this brings me to the great outdoors photo. It was gorgeous outside today, so I ran outside - haha, Bucky - you missed me didn't you??! Landon has been running to downtown Woodstock and back home, so I decided to try it out. Um, it didn't go too well. I don't know why there are not benches by the road on the way to downtown Woodstock - I mean, if you are going to put sidewalks then couldn't you make a little effort and put a bench...and maybe a water fountain? Anyway, I made it all the way to the old school (which is now like a vo-tech situation) and had to turn around. I walked back, and it was a really long way - I mean really long. And there is a lot of traffic going on at this time. I did make it back though, and I really felt a sense of accomplishment for trying to run like Landon does. I tried to do Wii Fit lunges when I arrived home, but on the first lunge could not make it back up and decided my limits had been tested today; time to rest. Since then, I've showered and watched two House Hunters I DVR'd in the last few days. So...I must get back to resting now, but I wanted to share Bucky with you. Ha, Bucky, you did not get to mock me today!

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