Friday, March 20, 2009

Concert and Fake Vacation Update

Hello My Faithful Public...

I hope you enjoyed Landon's entry a few days ago. I'm excited he wanted to write on the blog, and hopefully it will not be the only time. My fake vacation is going well. I've been a little sick (allergies, I think) and so yesterday I stayed home all day - in my pajamas - and slept really late and then took a nap again in the middle of the day. I did go running with Landon when he got home though, so I did some physical activity (not that I really have to answer to anyone if I didn't do any activity - I am an adult). But today, I was more active. I started my day off taking Landon a donut and mountain dew to work, then going by Bojangles to have a sausage biscuit and diet pepsi (they do not have coke products there) on my way to Lenox mall. I needed to go to Lenox to return some pants to Zara that I bought months ago and thought I could fit in, but really couldn't - and they would not have been "work appropriate". I shopped there for a while and then went on to Northpoint area and shopped around there. I had a Chick-fil-A cookies 'n' cream milkshake for lunch. I got some new stuff - but not a huge success shopping - it was fun anyway though. Sometimes I really like getting to do stuff by myself - I also like doing stuff with people, of course - but it's really fun for me to get to shop alone and just think and spend as much time in any store that I want.

Tonight Landon and I went to dinner and a jazz concert at our church. We were able to sit with people in our Sunday School class - which was really fun. I think I've already said this, but we're co-teaching a marriage class - Intimate Encounters. We had a good dinner together, and a fun time, and then we went in for the concert. It was great - Michael O'Brien was the singer - who sang with Newsong for like 6 or 7 years. He was really good - not only a great singer, but a real live person, who shared his story about troubles in his marriage - I know I had heard the story before, but to actually watch he and his wife tell it on their video was really touching. I can identify with their story, and I so appreciate their vulnerability. I know what's it like for something that feels like death to bring life. I know what it's like for God to bring something great out of great pain - when you think you can't come back from it. Just reminded me how much the Father loves me - and how I don't have to be afraid of ANYTHING because He defines who I am.'s a picture of Michael O'Brien at the piano and then a picture of the members of our Sunday School discussion group at the concert...I love our discussion group (and we missed you Michelle!!!)

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  1. We had a blast, too! So glad that we came...God does restore marriages and brings good from the pain. Remember the song: Beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning, peace for despair. Thank you, Lord! ~Kelli