Friday, March 20, 2009

American Idol

Landon and I LOVE American Idol. We are so excited every season when it comes back on again! I must give you my thoughts on the contestants. I have a picture of my MOST favorite and LEAST favorite...then I have comments on the rest of them.

We love Danny Gokey!! And, not just because his wife died...and not just because he's a minister (isn't he a music minister...I can't remember!)! He has an AWESOME voice!
On the other hand...I do not like AT ALL:

I cannot even believe I've just posted Adam's picture above. This dude totally creeps me out. At first, I was like, okay, I can see you are a little weird, not my bag, but whatever - he is obviously extremely talented - and I still stick with the fact that he is talented. BUT THIS LAST WEEK WAS IT FOR ME. I do not care that he sang some weird version of the song he sang, I just care about how he was like touching all over his body and the microphone stand in a weird creepy satanic sort of way - and now I've had it with him. Like, I could barely watch it.

Other comments about folks just off the top of my head:
Anoop - I seriously like him...not as much as Danny though
Matt - I like him too - because I think he's a really fun guy and a really fun piano player
Scott - time to go home - I think it's cool they put a blind person in, but if this is a singing competition, time to go home, my friend
Kris - I like him pretty well - I think he looks a little like a duck when he sings - he has a really good voice
Alexis - really glad you went home and didn't have a chance to "dirty it up" again
Megan aka "Washing Machine" (because she looks like a washing machine while she's dancing) - I think she has a really cool voice...been wearing a little revealing outfits though...oh yeah and I learned that her tattoo is called a half sleeve

That's pretty much all I have to say about them now - I know there are more, but these are just the ones I've thought of. Do you agree? Disagree? Give me your thoughts....

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  1. I agree with your assessment of the contestants. We (Eric and I) really like Danny, too. We think he is really talented. On the other hand, I have to say that I am a bit 'over' Megan. Her voice is interesting, but I am very annoyed by her "washing machine" as you call it. Plus, I think she is an attractive girl, but when she wears sleeveless dresses/shirts, her tattoos don't look good. Plus, what's the deal with only having ONE arm covered? It isn't quite my style, if you can't tell. :) ~Kelli