Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?

Good Morning! Landon says we are going to have to nix the blog if we don't start getting more comments. I haven't figured out how to put a counter on this thing to see if anyone is actually visiting our site...but please my peeps (is this how to spell "peeps"??), leave us some comments!! I even fixed it where anonymous people can leave them (leaving the door open for weird creepy jokers...not that I'm inviting that or wishing for weird creepy jokers though)...we are waiting....we need some affirmation!!!

A quick update: I am back to work after my fake vaca. I have had a headache for like a million days now and have decided in my hypochondriac self that it could be meningitis - I understand it is allergies - but still...then I learned that the only way to check for meningitis is to do a lumbar puncture. I am now back to the allergies diagnosis. Back to work for now!


  1. Don't worry, Dude. You'd know if you had meningitis by now. And yes, the only way to confirm a diagnosis of meningitis is to do a LP (painful). If you can still move your neck, you're really good.
    Are you not worried about weird anonymous jokers (other than myself, as in true strangers) reading your stuff?

  2. I'm a avid follower of the blog! Which is ironic since I work with Bethany & see her 5 out of 7 days a week. Usually its not new info for me but I do enjoy her recaps of her adventures. Never a dull moment when BF is around :)
    - Malissa

  3. Hey! I read the blog every few days. Hey, if nothing else, it's fun to write in right?? Talk to you soon! Love you!