Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Okay, I just need to know once and for all - does gaining muscle really make you gain weight? I have been running a lot more lately, and I am not appreciating the numbers I am seeing. I know I have discussed this before, and some of you are like, please gag me, but I just need to share about this. If gaining more muscle is going to make me weigh more, I may not be in for it, and I definitely don't like it. This is all I have to say about that.

Next, NO HEADACHES TODAY!!! Yay! I started my antibiotics last night, which I am NOT pleased about. I really hate antibiotics for two reasons - which I don't think would be appropriate to state on the blog. One has to do with relational situations, and the other I cannot even hint about. Anyway, we'll just see how it that I've started it, goodness knows I need to just see it through.

It really gets on my nerves when restaurants don't put their nutrition information on their websites. I ate at the Rising Roll for lunch today, and I just needed to know the nutritional info for my tuna sandwich...but no...they do not post the info. Nor could I find it on the daily plate, the other website where I usually can find nutritional values. tonight and then AMERICAN IDOL!!! (hopefully the people I like will not act crazy!) I thought that bacon cheeseburger roll up thing was pretty good last night - it was a little bland, but all in all, a fun recipe to try. I might make it again, maybe.

One more very important thing, I got some flip flops for Christmas and just wore them for the first time last night when I had to run to Publix (in my nightgown with a sweatshirt jacket over it - hope Stacy and Clinton don't come after me - but it was not like a Granny nightgown...just a black cottony dress) to pick up some prescriptions (one of them was free at Publix...yay Publix!). I love those flip flops - they are the kind that you can buy at Hallmark and they have velcro on them - Anyway, they are SUPER CUTE! But, I have to do something about my feet before I really start wearing them. I also have another velcro top for them that is Gators! Oooh...soon I have to tell you about our vacation we're going on in May to St. Augustine - it reminded me of how we're going to spend one day in the Swamp and one day at an alligator farm - saying gators made me think about it...

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