Friday, March 27, 2009

Virtual Makeover

I found the funniest thing yesterday, and I wanted to share it with you. My co-worker/friend/carpooler here at work sells Mary Kay. Every couple of months she places an order. She sends out catalogs to everyone who wants one (and sometimes I accidentally throw mine away) so that you can see all the new products and decide what you want to buy. So...about a week before she places the order, I usually get a Mary Kay email inviting you to check out the website to see new stuff. Well, I decided to check it out yesterday and found the funniest thing EVER. You can make a virtual makeover of yourself. So...I uploaded a picture, but it wasn't really like what they recommend to get the best results from the makeover. They recommend you pull your hair back and take a picture outside on a cloudy day. I showed this site to Landon and how you can put makeup and hair on your own picture, and he thought it was really funny. So, I made us go outside (since it was cloudy yesterday) and take my picture, with my hair pulled back, just like they recommend. I wanted to show you what I did to myself - ha! It cracks me up. The makeup part is very realistic...but they need to work on the hair - it's crazy. And remember, you can do this to YOURSELF TOO! it is...and yes, warning...this does include one picture of me with no makeup on (I need you to be able to see the original, so I have to be authentic!)...get ready...this will crack you up...

Plain B (before any makeup)

Crazy Wild B

Fairly Normal B (but still crazy hair...that's why I said they need to work on their hair)


  1. Really, Dude? That is scary (the crazy one).
    - std

  2. What's sad is that I've been looking for something like this for myself. To see if I look good bald. Or balding. Nothing makes it sound better. I feel so gay.