Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Weekend

Well, the weekend is over, and it was great!! We had such a great time with Krista and Matt! We...played Phase 10 on Friday night, made them ride in the very back of our Murano (which does not have a rear seat) for a short and very funny trip on Saturday morning, did something fun and dangerous at the church that mostly no one else has gotten to do before, went to eat at Okay Cafe, visited Zoo Atlanta and the Cyclorama (on a beautiful and CROWDED day!), grilled out Saturday night, then finished off the weekend with church and Cracker Barrel - how could you ever go wrong by ending the family weekend at Cracker Barrel? I had homestyle chicken (my favorite) which is the special for Sundays. Krista and Matt, thanks for visiting us - we love you!!

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