Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moment of Silence

I am mourning the loss of my slippers today. Last night when we were heading to bed, I slipped my feet into my slippers when I got up off the couch and started to walk to the stairs. Something just didn't feel right - I mean, it felt REALLY wrong. And then, I took off my slipper and saw it.

The bottom of the slipper is broken - the rubber part at the bottom has peeled back, and it's pretty much over for them. I tried to hang in with it and keep walking around, but to no avail. It felt too weird on my foot. People have given me other slippers, but these are my favorites and the only pair I want to wear. These slippers meant a lot to me. Before Hurricane Katrina, I had a pair almost identical to these slippers. Then, two weeks after the hurricane, the slippers are one of the very first things I replaced (that, and my body pillow after crying in Wal-Mart because they didn't have body pillows there...even though I probably wasn't really crying over not being able to find the pillow). ANYWAY, I bought them from Parisian or Dillards in Pensacola, and one of the very next weekends was when we went to stay with Pastor Johnny. I have such great memories of that weekend and remember wearing the slippers at his house all weekend (I mean, not if we went out though). Since they were one of the first comforts of home I re-purchased after the hurricane, they have been with me about 3.5 years now, and I am not pleased to see them go. I am hoping to check out the mall this weekend to see if I can find the exact same pair.

You served me well, leopard slippers. You have been with me through good times and hard times. I will let you go now; rest in peace. I will look for a replacement very soon.


  1. Landon, where is my slice of carrot cake? I hear you saved me one!! Thanks! That's so kind of you!

  2. So.... you don't want to share with us, your friends??????? Bonnie

  3. Oh,,, yeah, Bethany, we're so sorry about your slippers. Hope you replace them ASAP because you are a creature of comfort! :o)