Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Okay, so I just ate at IHOP FOR THE FIRST TIME - EVER! It was very good. As you know, I am extremely loyal to Cracker Barrel and was worried how I might be cheating on it by eating at IHOP. I did think the pancakes were excellent. I would weight the pancakes there equally with CB. Our waitress found out it was my first time there and thought we should take a picture. Malissa's camera can download to the computer, so she sent me our pictures from my FIRST EVER IHOP EXPERIENCE! I have had my quota of calories for the day, for sure! Here are the great pictures below:

Bonnie, Malissa, and me (I know this picture is blurry or could be too small for you to see)



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  1. IHOP for the first time, you have really been missing out....