Monday, March 30, 2009

Featuring Landon Frymire...

Wow, I am proud of my husband!!!! I'm not saying that to pretend like we have some perfect life and never have problems or issues - in fact, we were just having a slight issue on the phone talking about using our GM card points and buying new cars and stuff like that...we are far from perfect. But, I can say this with certainty. There has NEVER been a time in our marriage when I have loved Landon like I love him now or a time when I love him more than I love him now. I love everything about him, and want to accept him as a whole package - strengths and weaknesses. I'm so thankful - even with some of the really bad stuff we've had to go through (I mean really bad) that we are where we are now. There's NO WHERE else I want to be than with Landon.

The Father has been opening some neat doors for Landon lately - some that look like they will come to fruition, some that already have. One opportunity is coming this Wednesday night - Landon will be the speaker in our Renew service at church. I scanned in the bulletin from yesterday so you could see. I'm so thankful for these opportunities...and excited, too, about when God might open a full time opportunity for Landon in ministry. I'm thankful for FBCW, a place to be real and authentic where people's lives are serious business being changed. Look at Landon's name below!!!!

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  1. We are super proud of Landon! You, too, Bethany! :) We are glad and proud to have you as friends! ~Kelli